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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bollywood Guest Dessert Table Feature

Bird of Bird Crafts from France sent us pictures of a Bollywood Bling party she created for her own anniversary. Bird included traditional Indian sweets such as gulab jamun and jalebi. She also filled colorful cups with mango lassi {yum!} I love how Bird was not afraid to embrace the bold colors of a Bollywood theme. I also love all of Bird's custom Bollywood favors, which you can find on her Etsy Shop. She also did a good job with bringing in vertical elements like the tissue pom poms and tall apothecary jars.

A styling tip from the Dessert Table Designer...if your table is sloping in the middle (I've had this happen a lot with older tables), then place a piece of plywood or foam core on top of your table to even it out. Overall, great job Bird! Thanks for sharing!

PS - We're doing a giveaway this week so be sure to come back!


Hello Lover... said...

Fabulous! So many colors!

Cassandra said...

Lovely! Although I do think it's a little snippy of you to point out what you think is wrong with all of these guest tables. Everyone has different taste and opinions, yours is not the be all end all, so perhaps it might be best to just say something nice and leave it at that!

Dolce Drive said...

Thanks for sharing Amy, I just shared with my FB friends.....have a wonderful week. =) said...

Cassandra - We appreciate your comment. To clarify, we give styling tips because the people who write in ask for it. We get hundreds of emails each week from people asking what they did right and wrong. Most really want to know what they did wrong so they can improve. The people who write in know that we give tips and actually ask for them. Unfortunately, we don't have time to respond to all of the emails. We also receive a lot of feedback that people like the styling tips as other readers benefit from them. We are not trying to highlight mistakes, but rather we are trying to be mentors and give some helpful tips. We apologize if anyone is offended. We hope this clarifies your concerns.
Amy Atlas Team

Alejandra Ramos said...

I love the brilliant use of color in this one!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

So~ guess we featured the same gorgeous dessert table again! That's okay~ how can we not?!

Also~ I think it's GREAT that you give tips and advise! I would take it any day;o)


Cassidy said...

i love this ! the colors are great <3

Meant for a Moment Designs said...

I just want to swim around in all the color here!

fourbeans said...

In defense of constructive criticism... I have to say that I always appreciate Amy's tips and suggestions on the Guest Dessert tables. I wish she would give more of this kind of advice!!

I also felt that she was 100% on the money on this table... the first thing I noticed when I looked at it was that the table was sagging in the middle and I thought to myself "what a shame" that visually they put out such a spectacular display but that the table wasn't even straight. I don't think the intention of the Amy Atlas Team is to be snippy - on the contrary I think they are very generous with what they put out for all of us to enjoy and learn from.

I think that if we can all be open minded and learn from the experts then the quality of everyone's product will improve!

Bird said...


Thank you soo much!! I can't believe my party is featured here of all places!! :)

Thank you Amy, and I do digg constructive criticism! This is how we learn. I am not a professional party designer, and any feedback is most welcome! The table was dipping a bit, but now I know what to do next time.

It also did not help with the bunting at the front as it made it look like it was dipping a lot, when in fact it was not really noticeable in "real life" :)

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!


DreamgirlLisa said...

I don't think anyone was being snippy, just offering a good piece of advice. I know for myself, I am always wanting opinions and feedback when I am decorating, designing, etc. I did notice the dipping table right away too, but it did not take away from the beautiful display. Giving a suggestions of what can correct something like that is just plain helpful, nothing more, nothing less. I love your blog, very inspiring and I'm always looking for ideas on it.

Tara C. Wheeler said...

Thanks for explaining that contributors are asking for constructive criticism. It helps to see the good, the bad, and the ugly because we learn from mistakes. This photo looks to me like there might be some lens distortion also. Maybe that's why the table didn't look so bad in real life. :-)

zalita said...

wowee colour feast for the eye!

to have a chance to be featured here like i was last week is such an honour and to get constructive critism which you can take or leave is for our benefit!

anyway who else does it best?


Martha Andréa said...

Amy!! What a great work!
Well...I specially love it because we did an Indian Tea to my daughter 7th birthday.
And it was soooo fun!
You can se the pictures at

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