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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events - The Design Phase

Today we're working on the design for a special client. I thought I'd share some behind-the-scenes with you on how we start our process. When we start designing, our first step is to speak with the client about general aesthetic. Then we start our design process by studying our pantone books to nail the colors right for the design. We then build an inspiration board for the event and then we start to build the table with props. This is the fun part of the project, unless we get hit with a "creative block." If that happens, we'll take a brief break from the project and then regroup with a fresh perspective. What is your process for designing? We would love to hear!


Bird said...


I also do an inspiration board, but the colour inspiration comes from my software palette! hehehe

I loved seeing that you also do a table with props, as I thought I was the only one!! :)

The only question I still have to tackle (perhaps for Ask Amy?), is how or when you decide on a backdrop?

Thanks again for another inspiring post!


linnette from said...

Lovely post! You really do "own" this genre Amy! I love to take pics of the wall/space I have to work with. Then I take that photo and open in Photoshop where I add onto it my own sketches and elements blocking out "the vision"! I also like to sketch the space by hand. I did one here:!/photo.php?pid=3936777&id=184979683620

Thank you for the post and inspiration!

Unknown said...

I always start with colors, then move on to patterns!

Superfine Bakery said...

For me, inspiration is everywhere: I take pictures of cool hotel floor tiles, japanese paper, wall decor, chair fabric...whatever. Then I start sketching a cake and applying those patterns to the cake side in one form or another, according to the bride's requested style. I love the sketching! Like your table blocking, it really helps me visualize the cake and whether the patterns work.

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

What great insight into your process... thank you for sharing. I usually start with lists and scouring internet/magazines/books for ideas. Then I sort through what is do-able and not do-able; then make a more literal master list... followed by more and more lists...

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a visual person as an Interior Designer. Even though I can clearly see my vision in my head, it's a thrill to pull the pieces together with all of their visual and tactile qualities.
Whether I am designing a room, or preparing a tablescape for a seminar or party, there is nothing like the satisfaction of playing around with the pieces and perfecting your story.
Thanks for your behind the scenes glimpse!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

I have a full blown dessert table going on in my formal dining room right now! I keep adding, changing and rearranging as I see fit;)

*Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

i usually start with the invite for the event - locking down the color scheme and then building from there. i will sketch things out on occasion first and i ALWAYS do a run through on vessels and table set up prior to the event. my biggest belief, however, is to be open to change because i've found that 9 times out of 10 the "mistakes", "accidents", or "the unexpected", along the way, actually turn out to be my favorite parts.

your talent is inspiration in itself but your willingness to share ideas and insight is equally inspiring. THANK YOU!

Evelyn Clark said...

Agree with all of you! I usually start with nailing colour schemes and a "theme", and then brainstorm what desserts and designs we can do from there. I always have to make a sketch and mock-up too and usually end up finding perfect items by accident!

Thanks for the insight, Amy. We love these posts!

Astrid Mueller said...

Dear Amy, thanks for sharing, so great to see how you work! And thank you for inviting other designers to share their creative process, I feel honored!

I'm a wedding invitation designer, specializing in highly personalized wedding illustrations. My biggest design part is getting to know the couple - usually by a phone call. I invite them to tell me all about themselves, how they met, their dream wedding and so on. This first call and their photos serve as my muse for their personalized and unique wedding stationery concept.

After this, I start with sketches, then design their illustration and stationery, in close cooperation with the bride and groom.

If they need more ideas on how to personalize their wedding, I'm then ready to develop more items for them in their wedding style, such as guest favors, or a wedding cake topper - all featuring their very own romantic illustration.

Terri said...

I love how you share your behind the scenes! I start with one focal point and work around it. Recently I made a crepe paper wisteria tree and themed the table around it. I would love for you to check it out and give your feedback!

Susan said...

I don't get to do as many dessert tables, but when inspiration hits I design a table in mspowerpoint. It is easier to design than drawing(which i also did a while back) and doesnt waist as many paper. I posted a few mock ups on my blog, if you are interested to look at those.

Here is a hot pink zebra themed one:

And here's some more:

::Thank You::

Mary said...

Hi Amy,

Great post! I too am an event designer and every so often get to design dessert tables. They definitely require lots of planning.

First I start out with a color scheme and start drawing/sketching my ideas. Then scout for props, containers, matching desserts, etc. But I like to mock up the actual table so I can change things up, if necessary.

Jabaven Events said...

Dear Amy we really love your posts and follow you with admiration enthusiasm and jealousy:)))
We just started to create tables like you . and we start from choosing the color palete or a theme.Then we do a little research from internet to find some inspirations.We make a list of our needs Then we go shopping and buy things according to our theme.
Sometimes we make things that we didnt plan to do because cration comes from inside :)) it just comes itself sometimes :))
You can check our new blog :)
its in turkish :))

Thank you again for inspiring us and creating a new job opportunity for us :)))
We love youu amyy:))

Kristen Wilson said...

Hi Amy, great post! I always start with the theme, then brainstorm the ideas as the visions come, then SHOP! That is my favorite part besides the presentation itself. Then I like to do a mock set-up with my purchased/found items minus the food of course. Wa-la...most of my inspiration comes from the paper store and blogs like this!!! I used to be in event planning, now I am a marketer for a Realtor and we set-up for Open Houses and Home Tours, it is fun to feature our SWEET HOMES with the sweets!

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