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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vintage Bike Guest Feature

How lovely is this vintage bike Mother's Day tea party from Victoria Hudgins of City Cradle? Inspired by her own childhood memories, Victoria created this charming design for a pre-mother's day brunch with her friends.

In Victoria's words..
"A rusty yellow bike reminds me of childhood more than any other item. The freedom of being able to ride for hours, and when the day was spent coming home to dinner, hugs and the loveliness of having a mom."

Each mom at the Mother’s Day tea received a yellow bicycle key chain attached to a thank you card for all their wonderfully important work. How sweet is that? I adore Victoria's dainty take on our favor board concept. I also love the diy stencil bike design for the cake which she used from this freezer stencil technique.

As a mom myself, I know I would swoon if someone made this for me on Mother's Day. Yes, indeed this is lovely! Well done, Victoria!


Nina Designs + Parties said...

It's gorgeous!

Ink and Ivy said...

Hello Amy!

I just nominated you both for the beautiful blogger award. When you have a moment, please check in at


Larisa :)

Vicky said...

What an honor Amy. Thanks:)

Lulu said...

So beautiful!

decomarce said...

Your blog is so beautiful!

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