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Friday, March 26, 2010

DIY Easter Egg Decorating

Easter is next weekend and many kids are getting excited for the fun tradition of dying eggs. More recently, some crafty divas have found creative ways to decorate eggs that will get adults excited for this widely celebrated tradition as well. Above are a few of my favorite easter egg decorating ideas. I adore the origami eggs with the egg nest made from origami scrap paper. I love the idea of these decorated eggs piled on paper nests along a long Easter brunch buffet. You can also simply use scrapbooking paper or beautiful gift wrap paper from your local craft store and apply the same technique. Since you will be blowing out the eggs to make these decorative eggs, they will last forever and you can use them each Easter and can also incorporate them as an ornament during Christmas. Enjoy!

Origami eggs by Martha Stewart, Tie-dye eggs from Barefoot Kitchen via
Ohdeedoh, Faberge Eggs by Martha Stewart, Silk tie eggs by Monogram Momma.


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Those Martha origami eggs are unreal...gorgeous!

Natalie of said...

lovely!! i want to try these out this easter!! they would be great to incorporate into a centerpiece of some sort!

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous.. some really lovely decorating ideas there! A little more fancy than the kids and I usually make!

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