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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Genealogy Charts by Melangerie

Ever go to a wedding and scour the crowd to figure out who is related to the bride and groom? I know I have! Elana from Melangerie, a Brooklyn-based design consultancy, sent me her latest genius genealogy chart, and it is the perfect solution for getting the scoop on the guests at a wedding. Melangerie's well known genealogy charts detail the relationships of the bride and groom to all of their wedding guests. Great for cocktail hour and receptions, these charts fill guests in on who’s a friend from childhood, a neighbor, a family member, and more. They also serve as a lovely piece of wedding memorabilia. Melangerie's latest genealogy chart is fresh and modern and uses various shades of color to map out the guests. Pick your own color palette to match your wedding colors, as these charts are completely custom.

Check out Melangerie's portfolio on their site or their Etsy site to view their other bespoke gifts.


bridget {bake at 350} said...

This is SUCH a neat idea!

Allison said...

Neat idea! This will really break the ice at a wedding reception!

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